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Katrina Margaret Catling

I'm Blonde!
Hoping to study Level 3 Animal Care at the Isle Of Wight College. Can't wait!
My Best Mate is Chloe-Mae Harrison. She is like my sister, you get me bro ;) <3 I love her to bits. Couldn't wish to have a more amazing friend than her, she truly means a lot to me. I would die if i lost her, she has been there for me SO much.... I'm so happy i took Travel and Tourism and met her <3 <3 <3 Love You Chloe
My mates always call me the dumb blonde but i love'em <3 i couldn't wish for better mates than you guys, here goes the long list:
Sam West, Ant Cook, Niall Mouat, Jamie Hinton, Chloe Harrison, Chloe.F.K, Connor Bailey, Frasier Kent, Ben Groves, Jodine McKenzie, Mark Thomas, Chris Ilott, Rhys Edmonds, Sam McQueen, Alex Hill, Tom Turtle, Harry Flux, Matt Robinson, Paul Turner, Azura Hancock, Kai Hall, Josh Rice, Sammy-Dean Callaghan, Karl Mitch Mitchell, Toby Lloyd, Jamie Read, Liam Phillips, Jay Reardon, Shanine Baker, Kian Brindley, Tj Elliot, Ricky Richardson, Louis Moreno, Ash Ryan, Harley Greenham, Casey Martin, Luke Kernaghan, George Butt, Mason Magee, Jason Warne, Jake Roggers, Jake Norman, Brad McGinty, Aaron Roggers, Natalie Head, Jacob Curliss, Lewis Marsh, Kat Jones, Luke Hiscock, Aaron Johnson, Kieran Johnson. Jordan Hughes-Cook, Alex Jepason, Allun Buckett, Andrew Thompson, Ben Hardy, Craig Leadbetter, Lauren Mahoo, Ed Schindler, Jack Print, Luke Baxman, Josh Ince, Laurence Pragnell, Liam Lipscombe, Lucy Warde, Ryan Reynolds, Rhys Groves (best cousin EVER!,) Sam Hewitt, Sam Sheen, Tom Grabham, Adam Shores, Tom Skits, Will Beasley, Jack Rann..............And many more <3
About me:
My favourite animal is Dolphin!!! <3 I'm crazy about them.
My favourite colour is Turquoise.
My favourite flower is Tulip.
I Love Animals, I'm mental about them. I enjoy to study Travel and Tourism and Geography mostly.
I love rock climbing, Kickboxing, the beach, Cycling, Hiking, cinema and being with my friends, plus any other adventurous, outside activities i love doing XD.
In a Relationship with Sam West. You have turned my life upside down, I am so happy with you, we have loads in common, i love the way you make me smile and laugh constantly :) when i cuddle up to you my heart melts with warmth...... i cant wish to be with anyone else. And i truly mean that, I love you and always will <3 I am so lucky to have you. I'm never going to let you go hun <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Studying: English, Maths, Core/Games, Core Science, History, Geography, Travel & Tourism, and Art.